Many family businesses, with a long history, among the jewels of gardening and DIY. This appears to be a guarantee of quality for many users.

The mower that makes you a perfect lawn, a reliable slide for children, the plancha for meals with friends… People with a garden must equip themselves to maintain their green space and decorate it in order to enjoy it on sunny days. Between quality, price and after-sales service, there is no shortage of criteria for choosing your equipment. To help you with your purchases, Capital has compiled a list of the best brands to furnish your home. This exclusive ranking was made possible thanks to the responses of 10,000 consumers (see below for the survey method). We present below the best brands for the garden.

Mowers, outdoor furniture, barbecues… discover below the champion brands of the garden, for their quality/price ratio:

  • Gustave Rideau Veranda

To obtain more living space at a lower cost, the veranda is a solution appreciated by homeowners. Leading in its category, this Vendée company specialises in aluminium fittings. According to her, 60% of her new customers would be obtained thanks to the recommendations of her satisfied customers (6,000 installations each year via 85 resellers).

  • Weber

Coal, gas or electric barbecues… The world leader in the sector is appreciated by barbecue lovers in the garden. They appreciate both the careful design of its products and their ease of use, such as the famous lid that optimizes cooking or certain accessories such as the briquette quick igniter fireplace. This quality is expensive, from 90 to nearly 3,000 euros for the most advanced.

  • Bosch

Of all the award-winning brands in this ranking, Bosch is the most cited by the consumers we surveyed, with 31 mentions! Small or large household appliances, heating appliances, DIY tools but also gardening tools, difficult to escape from this German brand for home furnishings. It achieves its highest score for its electric mowers, which are appreciated for their strength and finish.

  • Honda

Cars, motorcycles, boat engines… The Japanese manufacturer is also known in the world of gardening thanks to its lawnmowers. This is not new: the first model with a four-stroke engine was built in 1978. Today, it is in Ormes in the Loiret region that its various models are assembled for the entire European market, whose robustness and reliability are often highlighted as strong points.

  • Stihl

Is this any wonder? The world’s number 1 sawmill wins the prize in its category. Founded in 1928, this German company (3.8 billion euros in turnover in 2017), still owned by the founding family, has acquired a superb reputation among professional foresters and private individuals alike thanks to its handy and safe products. It regularly organizes lumbering competitions to strengthen its reputation. A used stihl chainsaw attracts even more, known for its reliability, it persists over time and its price then becomes an asset.

  • Haemmerlin

Very resistant chassis, ergonomic handles, large comfortable wheels… The reputation for quality of this Alsatian manufacturer’s wheelbarrows is well established, to the point of being the subject of numerous counterfeits all over the world. Each year, its Saverne plant (67) produces nearly 1 million of them, with regular new products. Recently, the range has been certified for its intended use (occasional, regular or intensive).

  • Caillard

This venerable seed brand, created in the 19th century in Angers, is still popular with gardeners today. Only available in specialised stores, it offers a complete range to grow vegetables, flowers and even grass. The company is looking to expand its customer base by providing extensive advice through its website on how best to plant and care for its vegetable garden or flower beds.

  • Wolf Tools

With their traditional red and yellow colours easily recognizable and the wolf’s head logo, the products of this Alsatian brand enjoy a strong reputation among garden lovers. By the 1950s, it had become known for its innovations in thermal and then electric lawnmowers. It wins in our ranking in the category of garden tools (rakes, spades, pruning shears…).

  • Kärcher

When it comes to high-pressure cleaners, this German company based near Stuttgart is so well known that its name is used as a common name for a powerful wash. Its varied range targets both companies and individuals. And it now even offers electric cleaning devices for windows or floors in the house. Always in the brand’s colours: yellow and black.

  • Hesperide

Tables, chairs, garden furniture, parasols… This brand has been well known here for its design, combined with quality materials that resist the elements. It belongs to the company JJA, founded in 1976. Originally a simple importer of Chinese products, it now designs and distributes its creations in worlds other than the garden: tableware, decoration, toys.

  • Trigano

We know our motorhomes well, but less so our subsidiary which manufactures and sells outdoor games for children. Starting with swings, which are rewarded by consumers here. All wooden or metal gantries are manufactured in France, in one of the group’s factories in Cormenon (41): a sales argument that reassures parents that current safety standards are being respected.

  • Smoby

This famous toy manufacturer is well placed in several categories of outdoor games, such as children’s homes, slides or sandboxes, with positive ratings from respondents in terms of functionality and other aspects. The bulk of Smoby’s business, which has belonged to the German Simba Dickie group since 2008, remains located in its historic Jura site, renowned for its expertise in plastics processing.

  • Moustache Bikes

Specialized in electric bicycles, the start-up has experienced very rapid growth since its creation in 2011. Last year, the turnover reached 50 million euros, with 27,000 cycles completed. City, road, mountain bike, tandem, children… the range covers all market segments, positioned high-end, with prices for adult models ranging from 2,000 to over 8,000 euros.