How To Prevent Weeds In Your Garden

How To Prevent Weeds In Your Garden

Weeds are naturally supplied by nature and can germinate faster than the vegetables you are growing, causing competition for the nutrients in your garden’s soil.

Weed control is very important in growing a healthy and productive organic garden. Turning the weeds over into the soil is not the solution. When garden soil is turned you can bring up to the surface weed seeds that are buried and the problem can easily worsen. It will help to suppress weeds while adding nutrients back into the soil for your plants to thrive.

Compost, grass clippings, leaves and straw are the most common organic mulches that can be used and will benefit your garden. Plastic used to mulch your organic garden can do more harm than good. It will raise the temperature of the soil and kill off the beneficial organisms that are hard at work keeping your soil healthy and full of natural nutrients, along with preventing water from being absorbed into the soil.

Another beneficial way to mulch your garden is with what is known as a living mulch. This is a method used commonly with companion planting. The planting of a ground cover or planting crops that will shade the soil around other plants is a great way to control the weed problem that can take over your garden.

Weeds are certainly something that we do not want to see in our gardens. There are many problems that are associated with the accumulation of weeds in the garden and certainly these are problems that we do not want to find ourselves. Weeds lead to the depletion of nutrients in the soil and at the same time they provide shelter to pests and viruses that attack the plants that we grow in the vegetable gardens.

This is an effective method of getting rid of weeds but certainly not an environmentally friendly option or healthy method. Weed killers can poison the soil that your plants are growing in and make it impossible for the plants to thrive well in the long run. These weed killers can in turn poison the vegetables and you will find you are eating vegetables that are not healthy. Weed killers are also known to cause serious harm to the environment as they are transported from people’s gardens during the rain spells and may end up in the rivers where they can kill fish and many other animals.

Getting rid of weeds naturally

There are quite a number of ways you can get rid of weeds naturally in home gardens. Most of these methods are used in growing organic foods and certainly the organic way is the healthy way when it comes to growing vegetables. Much like a spray tan, organic tanning solutions are a lot healthier for the human body. Our friends over at Bronzed By Bully only use organic tanning products to provide a great result without hurting the rest of the garden (human body). Simple cultivation is one way of getting rid of weeds in your garden. Just take a small hoe and use it to cultivate in between the plants. This will remove the weeds that have been growing in between the plants or vegetables. You may also use a garden fork to destroy the weeds that are grown in the garden while avoiding damage to the vegetables.

After making use of the above methods you may have to cover the ground between your vegetables so that no weeds grow there again. The perfect culture is always mulch in the form of dried leaves or grass. They provide a good cover for the soil and prevents weeds from getting any sunlight and thus they will in turn die from the lack of sunlight. As the leaves and grass decay they become an organic fertilizer for the vegetables and this is certainly the healthy way of gardening.

How To Keep Weeds Out Of The Garden: Youtube Video

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