The Easiest Vegetables To Grow

The Easiest Vegetables To Grow

If you’re just getting started on choosing vegetables to grow in your garden, you may feel a little lost. You’re certainly not alone. Raising your vegetables for home use is a wise decision you should consider seriously the fact that buying them in the market does not guarantee that they’re grown organically.

The best decision for you is to grow your own vegetables right in your garden or in containers. You’re sure that what you grow is safe and chemical free because you’re the one planting them.

There are many different vegetables that you can grow in your garden this year, but I have, what I think, would be the top 5 best. They are all very storable, so you can either can or freeze them to enjoy until the next season.

Spinach or Mustard Greens – Greens are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. They seed themselves and will usually come back voluntarily the next year. However, I would recommend that you go ahead and replant new ones, so you will be sure to have enough. Just as the plants are growing shoots up and are going to seed, you want to pick the larger leaves. You can add bacon, ham or other types of meat for flavor. If you have enough, they are easy to store in plastic bags and freeze for the winter.

Onions – Onions are another vegetable that are super easy to grow. You can buy them in small bunches and just barely stick the bulb into the ground. Many people enjoy what is called, “green onions”. These are onions that you have dug up before the bulb itself has developed into the ordinary onion. I can eat green onions with salt and crackers all by themselves. Yum! You can also chop the tops and use them in place of chives.

You can store garlic in a cool dry place, just like onions. They will actually keep a little longer than onions. Use them fresh in your recipes or chop them coarsely and freeze them for use all year!

Tomatoes – Nothing is better than a fresh, home grown tomato! I love to take the salt shaker with me when I go out to the garden, wash off a ripe tomato, sprinkle a little salt and eat away! You can plant cherry tomatoes to use in salads or larger slicing tomatoes for sandwiches and cooking. With proper watering you can have fresh tomatoes all summer long! You can also can tomatoes and have fresh vine ripe tomatoes for cooking all year. I also add celery, onion and a little garlic and make my own stewed tomatoes for canning. I can tomato sauce and picante sauce also. Add some Italian seasoning and you can have spaghetti sauce too!

Green Beans – Green beans are very easy to grow as long as they get enough water. Plant the seeds about 1 inch in the ground, cover and water! Within a couple of weeks you will start to see little blooms. Each bloom is going to be a green bean pod. Get ready, because when they “put on” you are going to have a lot of green beans all at one time. They will usually have about 3 good cycles before it starts getting too hot for them and the blooming will slow down. It is a little back breaking to pick all those beans, but it is so well worth it! Out of our small garden, we usually can between 30-50 pint jars of green beans each year. We can in pints now as out children and grown and gone. We always have green beans to last us all winter up until they bloom again in spring.