The Art of Growing Tomatoes

The Art of Growing Tomatoes

As budding gardeners, sooner or later, the common question of knowing when to grow tomatoes arise, and it is a definitely a pivotal component to you gardening plans. Choosing the optimal time to grow tomatoes is vital to the production of healthy disease free tomato plants and to when you will be able to harvest your tomatoes. If you plant your tomatoes too early in the spring, you could chance to lose your tomato plants to frost damage. Most of us are aware that vine-ripened tomatoes are tastier, sweeter, and are more nutritious than tomatoes harvested unripe. We are constantly inundated with inferior quality tomatoes at our supermarkets. They are harvested way before they are ripe, and, in the consequence, we are left with tasteless tomatoes that are totally lacking in the vital nutrients that we all need. If you are still wondering about the best time of when to grow tomatoes and not knowing, is hindering you from growing the finest tomatoes you have ever savored then stick to this handful of essential growing tips which will surely give you a jump start into tomato gardening.

So When is the Most Desirable Time to Grow Tomatoes?

As Spring makes its appearance, and the trees are developing their buds people’s thoughts are on getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Numerous people at this time get the itch to try a little gardening. Seasoned and novice gardeners alike can’t wait for this time of the year. The first fruit or vegetable that most people think of when starting a garden is the tomato. Following a few important vital factors will put a stop to your concerns about when is the right time to grow tomatoes.

In the UK, tomato plants can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses, in the house or in hanging baskets.

Tomato Varieties – Which Should You Choose?

Tomatoes are not native to the UK but are from a warmer climate, so you will find that outdoor varieties do better in the south generally.

I like to choose 3 varieties, one small, one medium and one large. The varieties you will choose to grow will also depend on personal taste and their end use.

Tomato seeds are quite good at germinating so only plant a few more than you need. Remember that it only takes one seed to produce a whole plant and you shouldn’t need more than 15 tomato plants to feed your family for the whole season (depending on how many tomatoes you eat). Also, don’t sow too many seeds in any one pot; this will give tomato seedlings room to branch out.

If you live in a warm part of the UK, tomato seeds can be planted straight into the ground or greenhouse when the seed packet says. Ideally you will need to wait until a month after the last frost; if this is past mid-April then your garden is probably too cold.

When planting straight into the ground, make sure the soil has been mixed with well-rotted manure and warmed for at least 2 weeks before doing so. Remember to consider the spot you are planting in: it needs to be as sunny and as sheltered as possible.

For a more in-depth training on the most efficient way to grow tomatoes, check out this YouTube video: